Simple, four-course Easter dinner solutions

Spring break and Easter are busy times for everyone! It can be hard to nail down enough time to plan a full four-course, long-weekend dinner. Take the stress out of the occasion, instead mix and match a full holiday feast.

“Cooking a special family dinner shouldn’t always be a stressful experience.Take it easy this Easter and have some fun with your dinner plans. Simply mix and match any of the top-rated appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts below and enjoy a crowd-pleasing, elevated dining experience minus the mess and extra time in the kitchen,” says Daryl Turner, store owner at M&M Food Market in Royal Oak.

Elevated appetizers

  1. Mini quiche florentine
  2. Mussels in white wine sauce
  3. Shrimp ring

Worry-free entrees

  1. Bacon-wrapped beef filet mignon
  2. Apple butter pork tenderloin
  3. Cheese and spinach Cannelloni

Tasty sides

  1. Supreme scalloped potatoes
  2. Mushroom risotto
  3. Bistro-style green beans

Elegant desserts

  1. Key lime pie
  2. TOO TALL strawberry shortcake
  3. Chocolate chunk cream bars

Don’t forget the baked goods!

  1. Pull-apart potato buns
  2. Demi baguette
  3. Garlic bread

“Take back your evenings this long-weekend and enjoy a delicious, restaurant-quality meal with your family,” Turner says.

Turner adds that for those with their hopes set on a more traditional Easter meal, M&M also carries all of the traditional turkey and roast beef fixings, including gravies, cranberry sauce and more! All of M&M’s products are flash frozen to prevent the build-up of large ice crystals and freezer burn, protecting the made-from-scratch flavour, nutrition and quality.

“So, whether you want to take just a few items off your to-do list or enjoy an entire four-course dinner without spending hours in the kitchen, we’ve got a meal solution for you!”

Keep your next get-together easy and affordable while still enjoying restaurant-quality food minus the prep work.Visit M&M Food Market in Royal Oak at 4442 W Saanich Rd. #107 or at their Shelbourne location – 3637 Shelbourne St. Find them online at and follow on Facebook.

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