Get winter-ready with a little help from Galaxy Motors

While swapping your seasonal tires is one of the best-known ways to prepare your car for winter, it’s not the only winterizing maintenance that will help you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination .

“Here on the North Island, we never know what Mother Nature might throw our way – from sleet and snow to ice and fog, it’s best to make sure you’re ready for anything before the weather changes,” says Nick Roddam, Service Manager at the Service Centre at Galaxy Motors in Courtenay.

With stormy weather already arriving on the coast, Roddam shares his key winter maintenance tips to help your car handle whatever winter driving conditions come your way this season…

  • Winter tires: As of Oct. 1, many Island highways require vehicles to have M&S or winter-rated tires, with motorists turned away or even fined for non compliance. Improper tires can also affect your insurance if an accident happens. According to ICBC’s website, ‘If you get in a crash where winter tires could have helped, not having them may affect whether, or how much, you are at-fault.’
  • Wheel alignment: Alignments, which help ensure your tires wear evenly, are recommended at least once a year, and many drivers add the service to seasonal tire swaps. Galaxy Motors is currently offering wheel alignment checks for $69.95 and red carpet employee pricing on all tires.
  • Brakes: Nothing reminds you just how important your brakes are like using them on a slick, dark road in the middle of a downpour! Autumn is a great time to have your brakes inspected and why Galaxy has added free brake inspections to their October service offers as well.
  • Fluid top-ups and windshields: Ensuring your vehicle is equipped with new wiper blades and non-freezing windshield fluid means you’re prepared for unexpected downpours and muddy roads. It’s also important to check your other fluids frequently, especially if you’re unsure when you had your fluids flushed last.
  • Emergency supplies: Lastly, if you don’t already have an emergency kit in your vehicle, it’s time to get one . Find a full list of suggested supplies from ICBC online here; if you do have a kit, check expiry dates and restock if necessary.

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